Slaying Stone

Blood-red runes wind around this twisted mass of glassy black rock.


The last of the Kiris family heirlooms. These stones allow its wielder to slay any creature, but can only be used within the town of Kiris Dahn, know now as the goblin city of Gorizbadd.

This items stats will be posted once the adventurers acquire the slaying stone.


When the town of Kiris Dahn was at the pinnacle of its power, its wealth and prosperity made it a target for nearby settlements and thieves. To guard against any invasion by powerful forces, the then-ruler of Kiris Dahn sought out tiefling weaponsmiths known as the Architects of Victory, who were experts at deadly magic passed down from the last days of Bael Turath. For a hefty price, they created a set of magic weapons capable of slaying Kiris Dahn’s enemies. They placed a limit on the weapons, though, to ensure that they would be used for their stated purpose and couldn’t be used against the tieflings. The items worked only in and near the town of Kiris Dahn.

Kiris Alkirk is the last heir in the Kiris line, the rulers of the fallen town of Kiris Dahn. Eight years ago, Alkirk, Treona, and the citizens were forced to abandon Kiris Dahn. In the face of an overwhelming goblin invasion, the populace scattered to other settlements or secluded lives. The goblins took over Kiris Dahn and live there still. Before the goblins came, the Kiris line had exhausted its supply of slaying stones, powerful items that used magic to kill the town’s greatest enemies. The town had eight of them, and all had been spent to destroy various threats. The goblins came in great numbers, and there was no stone to frighten them off.

While studying obscure historical texts, Treona found references indicating that there were originally nine slaying stones, not eight. Treona wants the adventurers to find and retrieve the remaining stone so she can destroy it using a ritual she has devised.

Slaying Stone

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