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The Slaying Stone Part 3

Story Log 3

The Slaying Stone

(3rd Entry)

The adventurers quickly search the goblins and the library and find several points of interest. The treasure included:

  • Belt of Sacrifice
  • 60gp per Adventurer
  • Short Swords and Leather Armor from the Goblin Soldiers

Once the spoils were gathered the adventurers headed towards the back door. On their way out they noticed that a large ornate container which had been broken into and was covered in large scratches. On the floor next to the empty container was a single large dragon scale. They continue out, and travel through the narrow streets towards the temple district.

Dusk falls upon the adventurers as they arrive at an obstacle in their path. The street is blocked by rubble, so the adventurers go through a nearby building. The door is locked but Ryuk opens the door with his thievery skills. Inside the building they encounter several swarms of rats and two stirges. They squish the vermin, but Ryuk was nearly killed. Torinn used the newly acquired belt to heal the dwarf.

Once they leave the building they arrive at a temple dedicated to Sehanine. Ashton Grator hears noise from inside, but the adventurers aren’t afraid and rush in. Inside they find the mysterious hooded figure who claims to be Kiris Hoyt. The man is dressed like a noble, but his clothes are tattered and worn. He greets them, and ask what brings them to an abandoned temple of the moon god. They converse with him, and reveal their quest ( but they don’t reveal that they know Kiris Alkirk ). Hoyt states that no slaying stones are still in existence, and tells how he was betrayed by the rest of the Kiris family. He also tells the adventurers about a hobgoblin named Hu-Jat. This hobgoblin rules over the rest of the goblins in Kiris Dahn. Hoyt also tells the same information about the orcs that Danark revealed. When questioned about dragons, Hoyt doesn’t know anymore than you. Though he heard some scary sounds coming from the library one day. Since that day the kobolds of the slums have been resisting the goblins more and more. Before the conversation can continue six goblins run into the temple behind the adventurers, and from across the room, through a portcullis, five more goblins emerge. Among the goblins on the other side of the portcullis is Triflik, who carries a silver blade. Triflik looks at Kiris Hoyt and screams, “Kill the Rat Man!!!”. Once he notices the adventurers he yells, “Them too! KILL ALL RAT MANS!!!”.

Hoyt states, “There is no way I’m dying here!” and draws his cutlass.
sir butterscotch and rum responds by telling him, “If you know any secret ways out of here, now would be time to go…”

To be continued…



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