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The Slaying Stone Part 2

Story Log 2

The Slaying Stone

(2nd Entry)

As the adventurers finish tying the troll to a nearby tree, Danark questions the adventurers. He asks them why they are so adept in combat, since they claimed to be traveling merchants. The adventurers remain silent, and they fumble over their words whilst trying to think of an answer. Before they respond Danark replies in his slurred speech, " I suppose it doesn’t really matter that your strong, at least you can defend yourselves. Thanks again for helping me with that oaf of a troll, but I best be going. I have been hired by some denizens of Gorizbadd, and I am expected to arrive soon. I’ll come back for the big fellow later. "

Both groups take a short rest, and as Danark begins to depart he looks back to warn his would be allies, " I should warn you. There have been some orcs roaming around this area. They belong to a group called the Severed Eye Mercenaries, and they have been branding goblins’ eyes with some symbol. I was hired to take care of them. Though I don’t know what, I’d swear that they are looking for something. The goblins won’t trust anyone since those orcs arrived and the kobolds are on the verge of war with them. "

After hearing Danark’s parting words the group moves towards the town. They find the bridge they were looking for, but this entrance into Kiris Dahn has been broken. A plan is devised and Aranduill uses his ability to teleport to cross the river. Once the eladrin gets across, Moon ties a rope to one of her arrows. When she is finished, Moon fires her arrow into a tree across the river. Aranduill then wraps the rope around the tree, and the party uses it to safely cross the river.

Once across the river, the adventurers are greeted by a messenger raven carrying a message from Treona. It reads:
" Though I abandoned the town years ago, I regret leaving some of my precious Arcane Encyclopedia. There are five volumes. If you find yourself in the library or estate, and you happen upon any of them I’d really appreciate you bringing them to me, if the goblins haven’t already torn them apart that is. ”

An emerald is attached to the letter, and the decision is made that Torinn should carry it until it can be sold for gold to split up between the adventurers. The adventurers then plot a course through Kiris Dahn to the library, and successfully sneak through the farms and lightly forested area on the outermost parts of the town.

Upon arriving at the library’s courtyard, the adventurer’s noses are assaulted by a horrid stench emanating from a ornate, but broken, fountain full of festering brown water. Goblin voices can be heard from inside the library (and all around from other buildings). Smoke rises from a hole in the ceiling of the tattered library, and it’s windows are all broken. The group decides to enter through the front door since it is unlocked.

Once inside the adventurers chose the right of two doors leading to the main room of the library. Elora peers into the room, through the door’s opening, to scope it out. She sees bookshelves that line the walls of the room, and tables that are covered with open books and alchemical liquids and powders. A few listless goblins stand near the entrances, not paying much attention. Another goblin, in an ill fitting but ornate robe, browses through tomes on the shelf across from the entrance. He rips a page from a book and chants something quietly. The page disappears in a flash of green light. Before Elora can react to what she sees Ashton Grator trips while attempting to stay quiet, and makes a bang that the goblins definitively notice. The adventurers hurry to the other door and burst in on the goblins. Torinn knocks over a table full of instruments and creates an explosion of gases to announce his group’s presence.

The well-dressed goblin ( called Rort, Goblin Tomeripper ) then lets out a high-pitched scream, and grabs a book and starts searching it frantically. The other goblins snap to attention and draw their blades. Rort does everything in his power to stop the adventurers including summoning several grey oozes and cursing an allied goblin so that it explodes damaging its surroundings and covering the library in gore. Despite Rort’s casting ability the party defeats him. Torinn brings about the shrieking goblin’s fiery and painful death by using his flaming dragon breath. He also lights a bookshelf on fire in the process. The adventurers must act quickly before more of of Gorizbadd notices the fire.

To be continued…



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