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Our Second Meeting

Update, Notification

The 3rd of last week was our highly anticipated first gaming session. The party got to fight some wolves and some of them experienced D&D for the first time. Ian’s Cleric joined our party, and his healing was a welcomed sight. We ran into a few bumps, but everyone got along pretty well. The Mario Cart Tournament was a very large distraction from our game, and unfortunately it will be continuing during the next meeting. For this reason we may be playing at another location on campus, after we meet in the Solarium. One thing was obvious though, some people were having trouble grasping the rules, and others simply didn’t didn’t want to learn. So in our next meeting we will discuss how to play more thoroughly. Also next week we will discuss:

  • the story of the game and keeping the Adventure Log
  • being curteous
  • distractions while playing
  • mandatory Obsidian Portal membership and/or character creation
  • time management and availability
  • teamwork and roles in the party
  • things to bring

We got to use the new game board for the first time last week. It was a great success! The gaming club has also ordered us a copy of The Players Handbook, and several other fun things for us to play with.

Since I am unaware of how soon our Players Handbook will arrive I have taken the liberty of composing a twenty seven page manual on all the aspects of combat in D&D. I will bring a copy of this to the next meeting for anyone to use, and it is available upon request. Send me a message on Obsidian Portal and include the email you want me to send the file to. Also, as an alternative, I can give you the file by loading onto your USB Flash Drive or uploading it to your laptop.


I apologize good sir, it would seem that Ian, our cleric had changed his name and never told me/fixed it on his character sheet. Apparently it is now Aranduill. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Our Second Meeting

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