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Our First Meeting

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Our first D&D meeting was yesterday and it went great. We found out that we will now be receiving funding from the GHC Gaming Club to create a new game board that will be vital to game-play. There may be room in the budget for other things (dice, miniatures, etc.). How cool is that? Also we created several characters and got a few people hooked up with Obsidian Portal accounts. I sent out an email to everyone who signed up yesterday, so soon every party member will find their way to our campaign page.I would really like everyone to create their player character profile, but don’t feel like you have to fill in every space on your character sheet right away (you should have your own complete copy). At the end of the meeting our party, which is quite large, consisted of the following people (lists subject to change):

  • Jeremy Steadman – Dungeon Master
  • Holly Hampton – Shifter Druid
  • Dietrich Alderfer – Dragonborn Paladin
  • Josh Baird – Human Scorcerer
  • Trevor Sparrow – Genasi Invoker
  • Jon Vandergrift – Human Fighter
  • Seth Temples – Dwarf Rogue
  • Hanna Scoggins – Elf Barbarian
  • Mary Trammell – Deva Ranger

The following people have noted that they would like to play, but do not have a character yet:

  • Nick Julson
  • Greg Karnes

Next week, the 3rd, we will be finishing character creation and starting group discussion about the campaign and our unofficial “tutorial” quest. This quest will be a time for people to get used to their characters and learn what D&D is all about.

Things You May Want To Bring

  • Dice Set (7 pcs.)
  • Pencils and Paper
  • Folder or Binder
  • Your Character Sheet! – You CANNOT play without your character sheet. If I let you take it home to finish you character then do not get used this because from now on you’ll return them to me at the end of each session.
  • Snacks or Drinks
  • Laptop
  • A Miniature – Something must represent your character during battles. It must fit within a 1” by 1” square grid. I will provide these, but you can bring your own.


Ah, no longer the only Dragonborn XD

Our First Meeting

Actually Trevor lost his character sheet so now i don’t know what he’ll be. He might stay the same but idk.

Our First Meeting

Its alright XD

Our First Meeting

I updated Trevor’s Character. His new one is on the list now.

Our First Meeting

Are we the only ones that are decently active on this website XD

Our First Meeting

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