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How to Join Our Campaign

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In order to join our party you must use the link i sent out in the email invites. If you didn’t use this link to make your account DON’T PANIC! All you need to do is send me a message through obsidian portals private message system and tell me who you are. Then I can send you an invite for our party.

Also, if you have already joined our party try exploring Obsidian Portal. There are plenty of great Dungeons and Dragons campaigns you can look at on the site, not to mention many other similar games. If you look around you could find some good ideas for your character’s back-story, or you can just get a taste of what your in for the next few weeks when we get started with the fun stuff. If you haven’t done so, go ahead and make up your characters name, and create your online character sheet so that when we start recording our game in the Adventure Log we can know who you are.

- Hippie Orc -



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