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The Slaying Stone Part 3
Story Log 3

The Slaying Stone

(3rd Entry)

The adventurers quickly search the goblins and the library and find several points of interest. The treasure included:

  • Belt of Sacrifice
  • 60gp per Adventurer
  • Short Swords and Leather Armor from the Goblin Soldiers

Once the spoils were gathered the adventurers headed towards the back door. On their way out they noticed that a large ornate container which had been broken into and was covered in large scratches. On the floor next to the empty container was a single large dragon scale. They continue out, and travel through the narrow streets towards the temple district.

Dusk falls upon the adventurers as they arrive at an obstacle in their path. The street is blocked by rubble, so the adventurers go through a nearby building. The door is locked but Ryuk opens the door with his thievery skills. Inside the building they encounter several swarms of rats and two stirges. They squish the vermin, but Ryuk was nearly killed. Torinn used the newly acquired belt to heal the dwarf.

Once they leave the building they arrive at a temple dedicated to Sehanine. Ashton Grator hears noise from inside, but the adventurers aren’t afraid and rush in. Inside they find the mysterious hooded figure who claims to be Kiris Hoyt. The man is dressed like a noble, but his clothes are tattered and worn. He greets them, and ask what brings them to an abandoned temple of the moon god. They converse with him, and reveal their quest ( but they don’t reveal that they know Kiris Alkirk ). Hoyt states that no slaying stones are still in existence, and tells how he was betrayed by the rest of the Kiris family. He also tells the adventurers about a hobgoblin named Hu-Jat. This hobgoblin rules over the rest of the goblins in Kiris Dahn. Hoyt also tells the same information about the orcs that Danark revealed. When questioned about dragons, Hoyt doesn’t know anymore than you. Though he heard some scary sounds coming from the library one day. Since that day the kobolds of the slums have been resisting the goblins more and more. Before the conversation can continue six goblins run into the temple behind the adventurers, and from across the room, through a portcullis, five more goblins emerge. Among the goblins on the other side of the portcullis is Triflik, who carries a silver blade. Triflik looks at Kiris Hoyt and screams, “Kill the Rat Man!!!”. Once he notices the adventurers he yells, “Them too! KILL ALL RAT MANS!!!”.

Hoyt states, “There is no way I’m dying here!” and draws his cutlass.
sir butterscotch and rum responds by telling him, “If you know any secret ways out of here, now would be time to go…”

To be continued…

The Slaying Stone Part 2
Story Log 2

The Slaying Stone

(2nd Entry)

As the adventurers finish tying the troll to a nearby tree, Danark questions the adventurers. He asks them why they are so adept in combat, since they claimed to be traveling merchants. The adventurers remain silent, and they fumble over their words whilst trying to think of an answer. Before they respond Danark replies in his slurred speech, " I suppose it doesn’t really matter that your strong, at least you can defend yourselves. Thanks again for helping me with that oaf of a troll, but I best be going. I have been hired by some denizens of Gorizbadd, and I am expected to arrive soon. I’ll come back for the big fellow later. "

Both groups take a short rest, and as Danark begins to depart he looks back to warn his would be allies, " I should warn you. There have been some orcs roaming around this area. They belong to a group called the Severed Eye Mercenaries, and they have been branding goblins’ eyes with some symbol. I was hired to take care of them. Though I don’t know what, I’d swear that they are looking for something. The goblins won’t trust anyone since those orcs arrived and the kobolds are on the verge of war with them. "

After hearing Danark’s parting words the group moves towards the town. They find the bridge they were looking for, but this entrance into Kiris Dahn has been broken. A plan is devised and Aranduill uses his ability to teleport to cross the river. Once the eladrin gets across, Moon ties a rope to one of her arrows. When she is finished, Moon fires her arrow into a tree across the river. Aranduill then wraps the rope around the tree, and the party uses it to safely cross the river.

Once across the river, the adventurers are greeted by a messenger raven carrying a message from Treona. It reads:
" Though I abandoned the town years ago, I regret leaving some of my precious Arcane Encyclopedia. There are five volumes. If you find yourself in the library or estate, and you happen upon any of them I’d really appreciate you bringing them to me, if the goblins haven’t already torn them apart that is. ”

An emerald is attached to the letter, and the decision is made that Torinn should carry it until it can be sold for gold to split up between the adventurers. The adventurers then plot a course through Kiris Dahn to the library, and successfully sneak through the farms and lightly forested area on the outermost parts of the town.

Upon arriving at the library’s courtyard, the adventurer’s noses are assaulted by a horrid stench emanating from a ornate, but broken, fountain full of festering brown water. Goblin voices can be heard from inside the library (and all around from other buildings). Smoke rises from a hole in the ceiling of the tattered library, and it’s windows are all broken. The group decides to enter through the front door since it is unlocked.

Once inside the adventurers chose the right of two doors leading to the main room of the library. Elora peers into the room, through the door’s opening, to scope it out. She sees bookshelves that line the walls of the room, and tables that are covered with open books and alchemical liquids and powders. A few listless goblins stand near the entrances, not paying much attention. Another goblin, in an ill fitting but ornate robe, browses through tomes on the shelf across from the entrance. He rips a page from a book and chants something quietly. The page disappears in a flash of green light. Before Elora can react to what she sees Ashton Grator trips while attempting to stay quiet, and makes a bang that the goblins definitively notice. The adventurers hurry to the other door and burst in on the goblins. Torinn knocks over a table full of instruments and creates an explosion of gases to announce his group’s presence.

The well-dressed goblin ( called Rort, Goblin Tomeripper ) then lets out a high-pitched scream, and grabs a book and starts searching it frantically. The other goblins snap to attention and draw their blades. Rort does everything in his power to stop the adventurers including summoning several grey oozes and cursing an allied goblin so that it explodes damaging its surroundings and covering the library in gore. Despite Rort’s casting ability the party defeats him. Torinn brings about the shrieking goblin’s fiery and painful death by using his flaming dragon breath. He also lights a bookshelf on fire in the process. The adventurers must act quickly before more of of Gorizbadd notices the fire.

To be continued…

The Slaying Stone Part 1
Story Log 1

The Slaying Stone

Two groups of travelers happen upon an abandoned wagon on the road during the same storm. The wagon is covered in blood and it’s owners are no where to be found. They two groups consisted of the following adventurers:
Group #1

Group #2

  • Saak’Thar the Genasi Invoker – Trevor
  • Moon the Deva Ranger – Mary
  • Aranduill the Eladrin Cleric – Ian
  • Torinn the Dragonborn Paladin – Dietrich

Our adventurers met each other on the road during a midnight storm. They were traveling in two groups, but quickly joined forces as they were assaulted by a pack of starved wolves. The party managed to kill all five wolves with ease. Their enemies were such:

  • 2 Grey Wolves
  • 2 Ravenous Wolves
  • 1 Dire Wolf

Not far off of the road the adventurers saw a lone tower with a light looming in the top window. As butters skinned the wolves and gathered some of their meat for dinner a woman shouts from the door of the tower to them. She beckons them inside and they take shelter in her home for the night. During their stay their hosts, Treona the Ritualist and her husband Kiris Alkirk, convinced them to help gather a magical artifact from the nearby town of Kiris Dahn. The tower dwelling couple used to live in Kiris Dahn until Eight Years ago when goblins attacked.

Kiris Alkirk Explains to the adventurers, “I am the last of my bloodline, the Kiris. My father named me Alkirk after the oldest known warrior of our kin. For ages we ruled Kiris Dahn. Until eight long years ago. Treona, the citizens, and I were forced to abandon Kiris Dahn. We were staring into the face of an overwhelming goblin invasion. The people of Kiris Dahn scattered to other settlements or began new, secluded, lives. The goblins took my father’s homeland and taint it still. Before the goblins came, the Kiris line had exhausted its the last Slaying Stone, powerful heirlooms that used magic to kill the town’s greatest enemies. My family had eight of them, and all have been spent protecting the town from harm. When the goblins came in great numbers I had no stone to frighten them off. My wife has made a recent discovery that changes everything though. With your help my wife and I can manipulate the stone’s power, take back our home, and restore honor to the Kiris name.””

The characters agree to find and return the Slaying Stone. They set out the next morning for the goblin controlled city of Kiris Dahn. Before they left Treona advises them to look in specific parts of Kiris Dahn. She Tells them, "My husband’s forefathers knew of eight Slaying Stones, but my recent research into the town’s history leads me to believe that, at one point, nine Slaying Stones existed. All of the clues I’ve found conclude that the most likely place to find the remaining stone is in the ruins of Kiris Dahn. If I were you I’d start looking in one of the temples, or the library. Then again it could be hidden somewhere in our old home: the Kiris Estate. Here’s an old map of the town, and some spell scrolls; just something I cooked up to help locate the stone.”

To help locate the Slaying Stone Treona gives the characters three identical ritual scrolls. She tells them, “The ritual scrolls are attuned to the Slaying Stone, and will shine with a ghostly visage of the stone if it’s nearby. It’s best to use this ritual at the center of a building to search the whole area thoroughly. Once the stone is in your possession bring it to me, maybe with it me and my husband can find a new home or take back Kiris Dahn."

After Leaving Treona’s Lone Tower at sunrise the adventurers trek south towards Kiris Dahn. The walk takes three and a half hours; the party approaches the tree line and looks out upon the makeshift gate. A rickety palisade resides at the town’s entrance to replace the rotten timbers of the old gate. A few goblins are milling about here, and above the palisade there is a sign written in both goblin and almost illegible common. It reads Gorizbadd. After trying convincing the goblins that to allow them into the town for trade, two brass dragon wyrmlings speak to Torinn in Draconic and tell him that they cannot enter the town even if the goblins dont care. The wyrmlings state that the town is under protection from a higher authority to protect it from a dark evil. The Goblins tell the adventurers that a band of mercenary orcs have been bothering the town. The adventurers choose not to fight the combined might of the to dragon wyrmlings and the goblins. They instead decide to trek through the woods and look for another bridge marked on their map of Kiris Dahn.

As the adventurers walk through the woods towards the town they hear the songs of birds and the movement of life all around them. A cold wind blows, and over the chitter chatter of the forest they suddenly hear a scratchy voice curse in goblin. The creatures booming voice continues barking orders over a crowd of its retaliating minions, from the slur in his speech the party can discern that he has been drinking. All of the sudden the ground begins to slightly tremble beneath your feet, and over the shouts of goblins they hear the low growl of a much bigger creature. The party decides to stand in the path and face the approaching danger head on. From around a bend in the path five hobgoblins emerge, and they are followed by a troll in shackles.

The adventurers succeed in peaceful communication with he hobgoblins leader Danark. He’s asks them if they know anything about the orc mercenaries also known as the Severed Eye Mercenaries. The adventurers truly know nothing, and Danark believes what they tell him. Torinn lies to Danark and says that his group has permission from the goblins to enter the back entrance of Gorizbadd. While the Danark and Torinn are talking the troll becomes impatient and rips the chains from its captor’s hands. Once free the troll begins attacking everyone in a bloodlust fueled fury. Once the adventurers subdued the troll they helped the hobgoblins bind it to a nearby tree.

Too be Continued…

Our Second Meeting
Update, Notification

The 3rd of last week was our highly anticipated first gaming session. The party got to fight some wolves and some of them experienced D&D for the first time. Ian’s Cleric joined our party, and his healing was a welcomed sight. We ran into a few bumps, but everyone got along pretty well. The Mario Cart Tournament was a very large distraction from our game, and unfortunately it will be continuing during the next meeting. For this reason we may be playing at another location on campus, after we meet in the Solarium. One thing was obvious though, some people were having trouble grasping the rules, and others simply didn’t didn’t want to learn. So in our next meeting we will discuss how to play more thoroughly. Also next week we will discuss:

  • the story of the game and keeping the Adventure Log
  • being curteous
  • distractions while playing
  • mandatory Obsidian Portal membership and/or character creation
  • time management and availability
  • teamwork and roles in the party
  • things to bring

We got to use the new game board for the first time last week. It was a great success! The gaming club has also ordered us a copy of The Players Handbook, and several other fun things for us to play with.

Since I am unaware of how soon our Players Handbook will arrive I have taken the liberty of composing a twenty seven page manual on all the aspects of combat in D&D. I will bring a copy of this to the next meeting for anyone to use, and it is available upon request. Send me a message on Obsidian Portal and include the email you want me to send the file to. Also, as an alternative, I can give you the file by loading onto your USB Flash Drive or uploading it to your laptop.

How to Join Our Campaign
Update, Notification


In order to join our party you must use the link i sent out in the email invites. If you didn’t use this link to make your account DON’T PANIC! All you need to do is send me a message through obsidian portals private message system and tell me who you are. Then I can send you an invite for our party.

Also, if you have already joined our party try exploring Obsidian Portal. There are plenty of great Dungeons and Dragons campaigns you can look at on the site, not to mention many other similar games. If you look around you could find some good ideas for your character’s back-story, or you can just get a taste of what your in for the next few weeks when we get started with the fun stuff. If you haven’t done so, go ahead and make up your characters name, and create your online character sheet so that when we start recording our game in the Adventure Log we can know who you are.

- Hippie Orc -

Our First Meeting
Event, Update

Our first D&D meeting was yesterday and it went great. We found out that we will now be receiving funding from the GHC Gaming Club to create a new game board that will be vital to game-play. There may be room in the budget for other things (dice, miniatures, etc.). How cool is that? Also we created several characters and got a few people hooked up with Obsidian Portal accounts. I sent out an email to everyone who signed up yesterday, so soon every party member will find their way to our campaign page.I would really like everyone to create their player character profile, but don’t feel like you have to fill in every space on your character sheet right away (you should have your own complete copy). At the end of the meeting our party, which is quite large, consisted of the following people (lists subject to change):

  • Jeremy Steadman – Dungeon Master
  • Holly Hampton – Shifter Druid
  • Dietrich Alderfer – Dragonborn Paladin
  • Josh Baird – Human Scorcerer
  • Trevor Sparrow – Genasi Invoker
  • Jon Vandergrift – Human Fighter
  • Seth Temples – Dwarf Rogue
  • Hanna Scoggins – Elf Barbarian
  • Mary Trammell – Deva Ranger

The following people have noted that they would like to play, but do not have a character yet:

  • Nick Julson
  • Greg Karnes

Next week, the 3rd, we will be finishing character creation and starting group discussion about the campaign and our unofficial “tutorial” quest. This quest will be a time for people to get used to their characters and learn what D&D is all about.

Things You May Want To Bring

  • Dice Set (7 pcs.)
  • Pencils and Paper
  • Folder or Binder
  • Your Character Sheet! – You CANNOT play without your character sheet. If I let you take it home to finish you character then do not get used this because from now on you’ll return them to me at the end of each session.
  • Snacks or Drinks
  • Laptop
  • A Miniature – Something must represent your character during battles. It must fit within a 1” by 1” square grid. I will provide these, but you can bring your own.
Create Your Own Hero
Event, Update


Today and next Wednesday, October 3rd, members of the GHC gaming club are invited to sign up for the campaign and get well on their way to being a functioning D&D character. Please bring your creative ideas and flails, because we will be using these two days to create characters for each player in our party. This process is long and tedious, but you only have to do it once, therefor you might want to bring a Nintendo DS or something to entertain you while you are waiting to be helped. On the 3rd,if time allows, we will also be having a group discussion about our campaign and a tutorial mission.

Things You May Want To Bring:

  • Pencil (NO PENS on character sheets EVER)
  • Paper
  • Dice Set (optional but highly recommended)
  • Folder or something to keep all this junk in!
We Exist!
Event, Update

Today, the 21st of September in the year of 2012, we nerds of the GHC Gaming Club have united behind our GM to create an epic new adventure. Though our path may be untraveled we will make it awesome, gnarly, and downright freakin sweet through our uncanny ability to overcome fictitious obstacles in our future campaign.

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